Youse is a Registered Trademark and Online Insurance Sales Platform of Caixa Seguradora, a company that takes care of the life and assets of more than 10 million people in Brazil. Registered in SUSEP under process number 5631, and authorized to realize sales of Automobile, Life and Residential products.

With proximity, transparency and a wide variety of products in the financial market, XP Investiments operates impartially and offers solutions aligned with the interests and the profile of each investor.

Specialized Investment Advisory
Through XP Advisory, we help our clients to make the best decisions related to their investments, always in accordance with their objectives and their investor profile.

Product diversity and exclusivity
We offer to customers the most varied products from different financial institutions in the market, whether in Fixed Income securities, Stocks, Investment Funds, Life or Private Pension, including options with international exposure. All in one place, through a single account.

XP’s commitment is to the customer. The company adapts its directives and actions according to the needs of each investor, ensuring the transparency and efficiency of its advisory services.

Innovation and credibility are attributes that define the Energisa Group, one of the main private conglomerates in the country’s electricity sector. For 114 years, it has been offering integrated solutions for the electricity market in Brazil, in generation, transmission, distribution, solutions and commercialization, in addition to distributed generation and renewable energies.

The Energisa Group controls 11 distributors, located in the states of Minas Gerais, Paraíba, Sergipe, Rio de Janeiro, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Tocantins, Paraná, São Paulo, Rondônia and Acre, in an area of 2,034 million km². Present in 862 cities, it employs around 19 thousand between in-house and outsourced employees and serves 7.7 million consumer units, which corresponds to a total of 20 million people – 10% of the Brazilian population. Together, these distributors are responsible for an electrical system composed of more than 19.6 thousand km of transmission lines, more than 600.3 thousand km of distribution networks and 683 substations with a total capacity of 15,094 MVA.

Another six companies are part of the Group. Energisa Geração is responsible for the construction of generation projects and the development of new renewable energy projects. Energisa Transmissão is responsible for managing the Group’s Transmission Lines and Substations that belong to the National Interconnected System (SIN), as well as enabling the acquisition of new assets in this segment. Energisa Comercializadora, specialized in integrated solutions, operates in the free contracting market – Free Contracting Environment (LAC) – under favorable commercial conditions for the company. Energisa Soluções has a predominant role in industrial customers, electricity generating units, transmitters and distributors, with a scope of services aimed at the operation and maintenance of electrical projects. The Energisa Service Center is a unique platform that brings together all routine and operational activities that are repetitive in some areas and transactional services of the Company. Multi Energisa is the operation of all call center channels in a single center, providing time optimization and, consequently, greater efficiency in customer service. Alsol Energias Renováveis is a company specialized in distributed generation that uses different renewable sources. It is a pioneer in the country in photovoltaic systems and energy storage and currently has more than 500 projects in operation: about 25 MWp of photovoltaic systems in operation and another 15 MWp in implementation, in addition to 2.0 MW of biogas. The company is present in 12 Brazilian states, generating clean and distributed energy.

Gasmig is the one exclusive distributor of piped natural gas in Minas Gerais State, through concession granted by the State Government in 1993. It presently serves the industrial, commercial, residential, automotive and thermoelectric segments.​The Company is one of the fastest-growing natural gas distributors in Brazil.
Our Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability programs focus on attending social problems along the communities related to the Company’s operations and also on preserving the cultural heritage of Minas Gerais, by making it accessible to a greater number of people. Every year, we expend a percentage of our profits on projects that intend to promote health and improve education, for assisting the community development.

MRV Engenharia is the largest construction company in Latin America and invests permanently in the improvement and quality management of its products. Throughout its existence, the company has always been in tune with the market and its best practices, in addition to always prioritizing the needs of its customers. In 2014 MRV achieved two important certifications: ISO 14.001, which establishes strict standards in environmental management and OHSAS 18.001, which establishes strict standards in the management of health and safety of companies.
Since 1979 in the real estate market, MRV Engenharia is the country’s largest real estate developer for the middle and lower middle class, and is the only one offering houses and apartments in more than 145 cities in Brazil.

A privately held Brazilian company, CBMM (Companhia Brasileira de Metalurgia e Mineração) was founded in 1955 in Araxá, Minas Gerais, Brazil, site of a large niobium ore deposit. Decades of investment in niobium technology, niobium applications and customer service have earned CBMM the position of the world’s leading niobium producer and the sole company present in all niobium market segments.
CBMM counts on a team of over 1,800 highly trained, dedicated professionals who are committed to providing cutting-edge niobium products and technology to over 300 customers in 50 countries around the globe.
Logistics is key to efficient customer service and is one of CBMM’s many advantages. In addition to four subsidiaries, the Company maintains an extensive network of outsourced warehouses strategically positioned around the globe. These warehouses stock a solid inventory, ensuring that customers have access to a steady flow of high quality niobium products.
A commitment to the environment, employees and the community that dates to the Company’s earliest days has solidified CBMM’s reputation as a sustainable enterprise. In addition to numerous certifications and honors, including the first mining and metallurgy company in the world to earn ISO 14001 certification, CBMM’s mission is sustainable: expand the use of niobium technology, transforming a natural resource into solutions to build a better world.

The Ayrton Senna Institute is a non-profit organization that has more than 20 years experience working to expand the opportunities for children through education.
Inspired by the desire of the three times F1 World Champion Ayrton Senna, the mission of IAS is to bring quality education to the public schools in Brazil. IAS works in partnership with public sectors, educators, researchers and other organizations to create appropriate solutions to the problems of basic education.
The activities of IAS are financed by funds from donations and in partnerships with the private sector. The impact of the activity and transparency regarding the origin and application of the resources, are renowned for quality and reliability in the relationship between the private sector, government and the society to improve education in Brazil.

(in Spanish, Centro de Alto Rendimiento or Centre for High Performance) is a Government backed organization offering training programmes and education to over 350 athletes from around the world to compete at the highest international levels. Their faculty, just outside Barcelona and close to the international airport, sits in beautiful surroundings. It offers everything needed for the young international level sportsman including a medical centre, psychological unit, professional nutritionists department, a unit of science dedicated to sport and physiotherapy centre. CAR places great importance on the academic and personal development of its pupils emphasising that respect, education and adaptability are complemented by effort, dedication and focus. CAR athletes can study for their “Bachillerato”. “ESO” or attend the Vocational Training Institute “IES – CAR”, located within the CAR facility.

The Quick Comunicação & Marketing started its activities in 2001 in order to help promote and sports press office and events related to motor racing, motorcycling and sports in general, in addition to having a team specialized in press office of the company.
Today we have a national and even international recognition and has already made major events press office as the Brazilian Kart Championships, Pan American Kart Championship, Brazilian Championship Rally 2003, driver Bruno Junqueira (F-Indy), Rafael Suzuki (F3 Germany), Nelson Merlo (South American Champion F3) in addition to a permanent contract with Federação Mineira de Automobilismo, São Paulo Light Kart Cup, RBC Race Track and Engine Preparations, etc.
In addition to these companies Quick Comunicação & Marketing presents a unique work for competitors to athletes in general as Lucas Foresti (Stock-Car); Guilherme Silva (F-Renault Euocup and ALPS), Sérgio Sette Camara (F3 Euro Series), João Vieira (Italian F4), Rafael Câmara (Kart Brazil and USA), among others.

PTM. is dedicated to providing sports management to young racing drivers. Founded by Albert Resclosa, P.T.M. provides professional care and advice to those looking to develop a career in racing away from their family and home.
Pro Track Management (PTM.) is committed to ensuring that young drivers, often far from their families and home countries, are given the necessary support to achieve the correct balance between sports training, education and the development of personal and social skills.

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